Junyi Chen

Junyi Chen

Graduate of Computer Science

Sun Yat-sen University


I’m currently a graduate student at Sun Yat-sen University and major in CS.

I was a XCPCer and insterested in Programming Contest.

Now, I mainly focus on following topics:

  • Large Language Models
  • Multimodal (especially Vision + Language)
  • AIGC
  • Vision + Language
  • Programming Contest
  • BS in Computer Science, 2018

    Shanghai University

  • MS in Computer Science, 2022

    Sun Yat-sen University


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EVE: Efficient Vision-Language Pre-training with Masked Prediction and Modality-Aware MoE (AAAI 2024)


ByteDance AI-Lab Speech & Audio
Software Enginner
ByteDance AI-Lab Speech & Audio
Jun 2021 – Oct 2020 Shanghai, China
Develop Adaptive Learning Engine in C++.
ByteDance Monetization GenAI
Algorithm Enginner
ByteDance Monetization GenAI
Mar 2022 – Present Shanghai, China
  • Computer Vision & Multimodal:
    • Large-scale Multi Label Image CLassification Model
    • Multimodal Multi Label Video Classification Model
    • Vision-Language Foundation Model
  • Ads Delivery:
    • CTR co-train with Content Discrete Tokens
    • Online Cluster and Offline Cluster
    • Architecture Improvement: Mixer-DIN
  • LLM for Ads Delivery:
    • LLM User Embedding for Douyin Ads Delivery Models.
    • LLM User Sequences for TikTok Ads Delivery Models.